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The members of the Montreal Chamber Music Society (MCMS) are musicians who devote their passion and desire to pass on their knowledge and skills through teaching. Private lessons are available to all young musicians who want to learn or perfect the art of the piano, the violin or the cello. In addition to weekly lessons and concerts for students, masterclasses are offered by artists from here and abroad around the time of MCM performances.

In addition, all our students are invited to all of the society’s concerts.

Learning music is the best thing for a child, regardless of what she or he will decide to do later in life. The musical ability does not include the three basic components: rhythm, hearing and emotion. Practicing music improves children’s overall performance, especially those involved in mathematics. This is not surprising as scientists share very similar characteristics with musicians: curiosity, sense of observation, intuition, imagination. Scientists must first be great dreamers! And they share that unique trait with musicians. Similar attributes could also be found in lawyers, businessmen, finance geniuses ... or people who have the energy to "think just that!"

Comforting and curating is a well-known characteristic of musicians. Similarly, doctors want to diagnose, which means to solve a riddle and find solutions. In fact, both doctors and musicians are both truth-seekerrs. To conclude, it is natural for children not to engage in training at first. But you may know how to transmit to them the love of music and the taste of effort.

Welcome to all !

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us at 514 483 3875 ; 514 827 2244
Patrice Laré – piano, Velitchka Yotcheva - cello